Multimedia & Video

Our goal is to increase engagement and for active participation of worshippers or event attendees. Thompson Sound offers you high definition video cameras, projection and LED wall systems designed to meet your specific requirements. These systems allow you to easily distribute and deliver your video message.

Thompson specializes in Video & Camera system design:

  • Video Switchers

  • Multi-viewer systems

  • PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Remote Control Camera Systems

  • Recording solutions

  • Stream ready system solutions

Many uses for camera systems in venues large and small:

  • Image magnification for speakers or groups for projection or recording

  • Distribution of events or services to other rooms or building

  • Churches benefit from camera placement for optimal camera placement to capture baptisms, weddings, soloists, choir specials and much more.

  • Event centers benefit from providing cameras used to distribute to other areas of the building or connection for live streaming usable in social media 


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