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Video Projection & LED Walls

Because we live in a very visual world, excellent video projection or display is no longer a “wish to have” extra system in churches. It has become a necessity in effective audiovisual systems. Many studies have been done to show retention rate is increased by adding visuals to a spoken message. Interestingly,   the older the demographics of the audience, the greater the benefit of a projection or display system. For example, displaying text on the screen keeps audience members from having to take their eyeglasses on and off, which means their attention is focused on the platform. 

A few Video Display System uses:

  • Simple announcement loop prior to an event

  • In churches words to songs, responsive readings, sermon notes, or bible verses

  •  Videos or still images utilized in presentations or sermons.

  • Image Magnification (IMAG)- Closeups of the speaker or musicians on the platform

  • Displaying art or moving images that enhance the aesthetics of the room

Your Video Display System should:

  • Complement the architecture of the room, auditorium, or Sanctuary

  • Provide an enhancement not a distraction

  • Optimally be a fixed installation and not portable

  • Have natural, comfortable, and unobstructed viewing angles

  • Be bright enough to view with the lighting turned on and not dimmed


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