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Sound Design & Installation

Thompson Sound’s goal is to provide you with high-quality musical reproduction that combines vocal clarity with high-quality musical performance allowing you to deliver superior sound to worshipers or event attendees.

We believe your Sound System should:

  • Provide clear and natural reproduction of sound with no distortion

  • Allow the audience to feel like they are listening to the person speaking or singing, not a sound system

  • Provide balanced, even coverage for all seating areas

  • Produce ample sound without feedback when using microphones in a comfortable position

  • Be uncomplicated and easy for your tech team to operate

  • Be quiet without hissing or hum

  • Be expandable for future growth as well as cost-effective

Design Process

Combining the latest technology with experience, we design and install an audio system that complements the unique needs of your space. 

  • We meet with you and learn about your organization and the audio needs.

  • Discuss solutions to share with your team, committee, or congregation.

  • With our personal Design-Build approach, there is one source for sound, video production, lighting, video display and acoustics saving you money.

  • We coordinate with electricians and other trades needed to complete the project.

  • We design systems for all ranges of budget and technical complexity.  Whether you are a smaller church or school with simple sound needs or a civic center or church that seats thousands, Thompson Sound can design and install your dream system.


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