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Stage & Theatrical Lighting

Our team of professional lighting designers work closely with you to craft a beautiful and flexible lighting system. Thompson Sound's goal is to provide you with lighting that enriches the ambiance of your facility by adding dimension, color, character and depth.

We custom design systems to your needs:

  • We show you ideas and discuss design options with your staff or committee.

  • Our systems are easy to control and operate.

  • LED technology can save money, time and reduce heat in the space.

  • We train your volunteers in control systems.

Our Integration Includes:

  • Lighting System Analysis for Existing Rooms

  • Lighting System Design additions for Existing Buildings

  • Full Lighting System Design for New Construction

  • Lighting System Setup and Programming


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (256) 974-7686 or fill out the following form

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